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Luke Curtis

Software Developer and Project Manager

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Full stack web and software developer and project manager. I have been developing web applications and services for almost a decade now, the projects I work on range from business automation and B2B solutions all the way to Start Ups building their first web platform. RESTful API services and full monolithic web applications combined with TDD and DDD are the workflows I'm usually working on in an Agile environment with a team of developers.

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Work Experience

Senior Developer & Project Manager - Two Mates Media (2018 - Present)

Working as a project lead and managing a team of 4 developers my role was to integrate client requirements and create custom web applications. The technology stack included, but not limited to:

  • Laravel, React, Vue, NPM, Webpack, SCSS, Nginx, PHP

My main achievements in this role were

  • Integrating standardised methodologies and coding standards for our Git workflow, including code reviews and continuous integration
  • Creating large scaleable applications from scratch, including multiple 3rd party RESTful API endpoints, multi tenancy solutions and business management CRM applications.
  • Leading a group of developers improving coding standards, practice and continuous integration.

Backend Web Developer - Boom Solutions (2017 - 2017)

Working as the most experienced developer here during my tenure here I was responsible for and accomplished the following

  • Created PSD/Wordpress websites to client specifications optimised for SEO and Mobile
  • Heavy Laravel application integration and development
  • Decreased reliance on outsourced infrastructure and technical debt
  • Dev ops role to manage all servers and deployment